Eclectic Electric #02 [Nina Harker, Teubé, Carton]

Sich unterschiedlicher Systeme bedienen und deren Elemente neu zusammensetzen…

Nina Harker (Nantes / Le Syndicat des Scorpions)
Mix of lofi synth guitar wave and experimental music.

1st EP – https://lesyndicatdesscorpions.bandcamp.com/album/nina-harker-ep

2nd EP – https://lesyndicatdesscorpions.bandcamp.com/album/nina-harker

Teubé (Lille)
Transe dance tropical w/ a pinch of techno noise, based on drum machine rythms and diy tapes textures.


Carton (Nantes)
Chiptune-ish sound made out of cheap synths. Beautiful and rythmic.


Einlass: 22:00
Start: 22:30
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